Keep Israel at the Forefront of Innovation
by Empowering a New Generation of Engineers

At Afeka College of Engineering, we are committed to fostering innovation that solves problems and drives positive change. As we train the next generation of technological minds tackling real-world challenges, four core strategic priorities guide us in our mission as a public academic institute serving as an economic, social, and national engine for growth: Enhancing engineering education and the educational experience; reducing the national shortage of engineers in Israel; promoting a holistic view of the STEM educational continuum; and commitment to community and inclusion of all sectors of society in quality STEM education.

From hands-on learning initiatives to projects impacting society, Afeka spearheads a multitude of programs aligned to these priorities – unleashing the ingenuity of our students and faculty for the benefit of Israel and beyond.

We invite you to learn more about these impactful undertakings and become part of the process. Your donations provide the fuel to power progress in programs that keep Israel at the forefront of innovation by empowering the next generation of engineers.

Project Partners and Donors

The success of our projects is made possible thanks to the contributions of our partners and donors

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