Space Club Members Light Up the Skies


Iron Swards war and the evacuation of residents from areas in the south and north of Israel severely disrupted the learning routines of many high school students.

To provide them with an enriching and fascinating educational experience, experts in education, science, and technology rallied together for the "Light the Sky" project - an innovative, cutting-edge initiative. They developed a virtual space featuring a narrative journey to Mars, complete with increasingly challenging thought-provoking missions.

Over 1,000 students from across the country are participating in this challenge, result of the collaboration of Afeka, the Ramon Foundation, Ben-Gurion University, WIX, the IDF Computer Service Directorate, Bamach, the Nitzanim Program, the Carasso Science Park and others.

Five students from Afeka's Space Club - Rim Ghanem, Richard Dubliatov, Ofek Meshel, Dennis Gel-Shtern, and Stav Aharon - contributed to this important initiative by authoring the scientific content for the challenges while consulting subject matter experts. The project is now in its final stages and will soon culminate with the awarding of prizes to displaced residents from the north and south regions.

Club President Rim Ghanem stated: "The Space Club participates in various social projects to raise youth awareness about space exploration. It's an honor to be part of this innovative alternative platform that enables students to collaborate, think creatively, and enrich their space knowledge."

By innovatively blending entertainment with STEM learning, the "Light the Sky" project exemplifies how cosmic horizons can be brought down to earth through imaginative educational approaches.