Industrial Engineering & Management

What is Industrial Engineering and Management?

Industrial engineering and management is a discipline that combines multiple advanced engineering fields. These studies provide the knowledge and skills engineers require in order to operate, optimize, and manage large complex systems using innovative engineering methods. Industrial engineering and management is unlike other engineering professions, in that it addresses the people within industrial and service systems, and not only the behavior of physical components. For this reason, an industrial engineer must possess broad knowledge both in engineering and technology and in management and social sciences

Curriculum Goals

The study program offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management provides its students with the keys to unlock doors leading to a variety of diversified worlds, and allows them to be accepted with open arms by the industry, thanks to both the high professional level they acquired, and their ability to see the big picture while never losing sight of the details, which they developed throughout their studies in Afeka, and which they will be able to apply when having to make operational, strategic or managerial decisions.

Since this is an ever developing dynamic field, there is a high demand for Industrial Engineers both in Israel and abroad, which will allow students to find employment in a variety of positions, including as: production managers, managerial systems analysts and production systems analysts, economists, organizational and methods engineers, senior executives and HR managers in various organizations, companies and institutions in all the sectors of both the private and public markets.

Head of school

ניר פרל

Dr. Nir Perel

Head of school

The undergraduate program in industrial engineering and management at Afeka provides a balanced blend of[שינוי שלי] theory and practice. In addition to acquiring broad, contemporary theoretical and academic knowledge, students are exposed to practical tools and real-life examples from the industry – thereby learning how theory and practice combine in the world of engineering. The program offers three specialization tracks: Systems management and decision-making, information systems and smart industry, and business analytics and data analysis. The curriculum is continuously updated as per the changes and needs of the industry. It includes the core subjects of the profession, lab lessons, training on the latest software, and a variety of unique courses that include contemporary knowledge, reflecting the market’s requirements of industrial engineers and managers. The courses are taught by a faculty with extensive industry and research experience, in a pleasant and supportive learning atmosphere, in small classrooms and innovative learning spaces.

Faculty Members
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