Afeka Journal of Engineering and Science

AJES Journal is a journal that seeks to be a platform for the interdisciplinary connections that engineering has with the various content worlds of our time. As a result, it presents papers
on a wide range of topics between which engineering is the link. We introduce to the readers, among other things, thoughts on digital culture, analysis of socio-economic justice theories, examination of ethical dilemmas in engineering, case study evaluations, new considerations concerning the role of engineers in face of the climate crisis and more.

The journal’s editors do not consider the concept of science as exclusive to research fields characterized by mathematical formalism in their construction of scientific theories, and by strict adherence to quantitative methods for scientific examination. We regard the
concept of science as an attempt to expand the human mind, and in doing so, we recognize the importance of qualitative research methods and their scientific status, equal to that of quantitative research methods; this is, of course, while matching the method of research to
the subject under study, and to the properties on which we seek to shed light.