What is Data Science?

Data science deals with the principles and developing of methods for collecting, storing, and analyzing data in order to infer, predict, and create knowledge from it, while addressing human and social aspects in the process. The undergraduate program in data science is designed to train alumni for work in this field, with an emphasis on the knowledge and tools for handling big data that necessitates a combined skill set in mathematics, statistics, and software.

The program is aimed at providing students with knowledge and understanding of the contemporary algorithms used in data science, of the scientific foundation on which these algorithms are based, and of the way they are employed within various applications.

The program was built around existing disciplines at Afeka. The mathematics unit and the undergraduate software engineering and industrial engineering & management programs include all of the compulsory subjects for the data science program, with the exception of two newly formed  courses: “Math subjects workshop” and “Introduction to artificial intelligence”

Curriculum Goals

The field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering incorporate a broad diapason of scientific-engineering occupations that touch on all facets of industry, and are therefore considered sought-after fields of study all over the world.

The broad engineering knowledge offered by the Afeka College curriculum in the fields of Electrical Engineering, alongside a range of vital skills, places the Afeka College Electrical Engineering graduate on the leading edge of technology and trains the students to take up key positions as engineers of the future in hi-tech companies, public and Government institutes and in leading organizations in the fields of electricity, electronics, defense and communications, and also to continue their studies for advanced academic degrees.

Head of school

Dr. Lior Rosenzweig

ד"ר ליאור רוזנצווייג

Dr. Lior Rosenzweig

In this era, with the proliferation of available databases collected by various companies and organizations, the ability to process these data into insights that can affect nearly every aspect of our lives has become integral to numerous parts of the economy. From high tech and medical research to business, marketing, and countless other fields, the demand for experts in big data analysis and complex inference has continuously risen in recent years, becoming a mission of national importance. The data science program at Afeka provides students with comprehensive, in-depth knowledge in this field, with a focus on mathematics, statistics, programming, and algorithmics.

Faculty Members