Growing international interest in Afeka 

Newsweek publishes the Afeka model for transforming engineering education, a leading US news site with nearly 50 million monthly visits, published an opinion piece by Afeka president Prof. Ami Moyal, on the pedagogical paradigm shift required in engineering education.

The article primarily describes Afeka’s unique model for curricular transformation in engineering education, which begins by defining a “graduate profile” – the knowledge, skills, and values engineers need to succeed in the workforce. The transformation takes place by helping students develop vital skills, whether in the classroom or through extra-curricular activities; by updating pedagogic approaches; and by renewing learning spaces.

In the article, Prof. Moyal addresses the shortage of engineers in the Israeli and US high-tech industries, as well as the changing job market. Over the past decade, there has been a major shift in what employers are looking for in the engineers they hire. Several international surveys have indicated that skills such as critical thinking, multidisciplinary teamwork, effective communication, and self-learning are critical for engineers.

According to Prof. Moyal, these changes in industry needs call for a transformation in undergraduate engineering studies, in order to make sure the academic experience remains relevant, engaging, and enjoyable. The transformation will ensure that engineering graduates are equipped with all the skills needed for success in the workforce, in a world where technologies are developing at an exponential rate. Furthermore, he says, “these skills are not only useful in the workforce, but they enhance the educational process as well, leading to better learning outcomes.”

Prof. Moyal describes how Afeka implemented a gradual, multi-year transformation that takes a holistic view of each and every student’s educational process, with the Afeka graduate profile serving as the compass throughout. “It is no longer acceptable in 2023 to say, ‘we are doing it this way because this is how it’s always been done’…” concludes Prof. Moyal. “Times are changing, but we do not need to panic; we just need to change with them.”

This publication in is further evidence that Afeka college is a leading institution for engineering education that delivers a meaningful message and serves as an example both locally and internationally.

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