The whole education continuum must change, from kindergarten to academia.

Changing engineering education is the mission for Ami Moyal, president of Afeka Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering. He says that education from kindergarten to university must shift to adapt to the fast-changing world, and he is implementing changes at Afeka to meet the needs of students and employers. Moyal explains that he has helped create engines of change that allow faculty to implement more hands-on and engaging learning experiences that fit their own passion. The high tech industry needs engineers who have excellent critical thinking, self-learning, teamwork, and communication skills, he says. You can only become excellent at things that you like to do, he shares, so it is important that students find what they are curious about and enjoy their learning. Moyal loves his work in education, a field he joined later in life when he realized it was a great fit for his previous experience and passion.

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