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Wartime Emergency Fund for Students


Facilitating student success during the Iron Swords War

The ongoing conflict of the Iron Swords War has greatly impacted Israel's higher education system. At Afeka College, approximately 40% of our student body have been drafted into military reserves since the fighting began. This is the highest mobilization rate among all Israeli academic institutions.

We have a profound responsibility to support our students through this tremendously difficult period. Afeka College is making every effort to assist them financially, emotionally, and academically. Our goal is to provide the resources and flexibility for each student to successfully complete the academic year, so that no student is forced has to put their education on hold due to the impacts of the war.

To address this, Afeka has developed a comprehensive support package tailored to the diverse needs of our students. Key components include transitioning to a flexible hybrid teaching model, repeating courses throughout the year, providing academic advising and mentoring, increasing scholarship funding, and offering individual and group mental health counseling.

We aim to maintain academic standards while providing students the backing necessary to graduate on time and contribute to Israel's crucially important high-tech sector.

Afeka has already committed ₪5 million from internal sources. With your support, we aim to raise and additional ₪5 million to meet all the wartime needs of all our students.

Your contribution will provide critical support ensuring all our students are able to continue their studies – thus empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders and ensuring the economic recovery of the start-up nation during this difficult time.

Main Components of the Student Support Package

Hybrid and online learning options

Additional course sections and summer courses

Academic counseling, mentoring and tutoring

Financial assistance through increased scholarship funds

Mental health services and emotional support

It is our moral duty to ensure no student drops-out because of the war. This has become the number one priority for Afeka and for me personally.

Prof. Ami Moyal

How to Contribute

Any contribution to the to Afeka’s Wartime Emergency Fund for students is greatly appreciated.

For additional information please contact:

US tax deductible contributions can be made via PEF Israel Endowment Funds:

1-800-37-37-10 Dial
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