Third time’s a mentor


The Mentor Program for Afeka alumni has completed its third round

In September 2023, the third round of Afeka’s Mentor Program was completed – an annual program for Afeka alumni that brings together junior engineers at the start of their professional journey and seasoned engineers from the senior managerial echelons of high tech and engineering companies.

The program included 13 pairs of Afeka alumni and מוסמכים from a wide range of academic programs, roles, and career phases.

This encounter allows for a uniquely unconventional connection that would not have been possible otherwise – certainly in light of the AI revolution, which only stresses the importance of human interaction, which technology is unlikely to replace.

The program is aimed at leveraging skills and capabilities through personal development, inspiration, and professional added value.

Its contents are designed to provide value to all participants, mentors and mentees alike. In addition to the close mentorship, mentors benefitted from the personal guidance and advice of professional specialists, in addition to enriching peer dialogue with their fellow mentors.

At the third round’s closing event, participants met for a recap of the six-month process, moderated by professional leader Dr. Amir Kfir, an organizational psychologist and consultant and management change leader who works regularly in over 40 countries.

The program’s participants recounted the meaningful processes they’d undergone: Junior alumni described finding new work, with some researching fields they’d never known before, and others opening doors they never thought possible.

The mentors, for their part, described how much they’d benefitted from the connection to the mentees – who challenged them, taught them about themselves, and gave them a sense of accomplishment, often launching them on a process of their own. Many mentor-mentee pairs stated that they intend to keep the mutual connection going in the future.

Alumni Relations director Dganit Citrin Bar-On:

“As a leading academic institution for educating engineers, we will continue to strengthen and create added value for unique human skills through personal encounters with alumni. This in accordance with the Afeka vision, which strives to prepare engineers for the industry by combining professional knowledge while strengthening the proficiencies engineers need in an ever-evolving reality.”

Rafi Levi, MENTOR | Electrical engineering alumnus | CEO of FreeCell Limited

“The Afeka Mentor Program embodies the philosophy of real human relationships as the key to success in the professional world, and provides tools and support to help alumni grow and integrate within their fields. An added value for me has been the strengthening of personal relationships, the networking, and the connectivity with the program’s mentors and mentees. To me, this was a journey – a journey in which mentors and mentees form a bond and lead it hand-in-hand towards the goals they’ve set.”

Tom Lev-Ron, MENTEE | Medical engineering alumnus | Research engineer at Volcani Center

“When I signed up for the program, I didn’t know what to expect, which mentor I’ll be assigned, and what I might learn from the whole process. For six months, I was assigned to Ronen – a skilled and experienced mentor, and above all a good person whom I was privileged to meet. As a mentor, Ronen knew how to challenge me, helping me to mark out new challenges, set goals, and acquire tools that we built together – and which will serve me in the future.”

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