The power of the Mentor Program in an AI revolution reality

משתפי תוכנית המנטורים

The power of the Mentor Program in an AI revolution reality

The world is changing at a rapid pace, with recent changes, especially in AI, reminding us of the importance of human encounter. Emotional intelligence (EQ) and emotional and social abilities have the biggest effect on our experience. Whether at work, in the family, or in other spheres of life, these are likely the last things that technology will be able to replace.

The Afeka alumni community’s Mentor Program empowers this very human dynamic against the reality of an AI revolution. “We believe that developing abilities of constructive dialogue, genuine listening and sharing, and connection to emotion –in young alumni and industry veterans alike – represents major growth potential and perhaps even sets us apart as humans,” said the program’s professional director, Dr. Amir Kfir, an organizational psychologist and consultant, owner and CEO of the Amirror Group.

Throughout the six-month program, the mentees meet with their personal mentors, and undergo a profound process that starts with looking within and self-learning, connecting with their unique strengths and skills. The mutual dialogue strives to crystallize the mentee’s inner connection[=authenticity?], and subsequently their professional direction and future trajectory towards a meaningful, suitable career.

Recently, all of the program’s participants gathered for a special midpoint encounter, which provided a space for mentees and mentors to interact at eye level, share personal challenges and experiences, connect with one another, and give and receive empathy.

“We chose to try a Nonflict Peer Group Forum with a new grouping of people. In order to freshen things up and allow for new connections and perspectives, we put pairs together with other pairs, so that each participant was exposed to a new mentor/mentee, to the challenges they’re experiencing, and to the lessons that those challenges have prompted.

In the coaching process, participants delved into a personal issue in which they’d like to have a breakthrough, thus creating a refreshing professional environment of authentic, honest dialogue and the expression of vulnerability and empathy,” said Gil Kfir, one of the Amirror Group instructors.

As a leading academic institution for the education of engineers, we will continue to strengthen and create added value for unique human skills through personal encounters with alumni – in line with Afeka’s vision, which strives to prepare engineers for the industry by combining professional knowledge while strengthening the proficiencies that engineers need to be better, readier, and more technological in an ever-evolving reality.

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