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יום עיון רכזים של העתודה המדעית של משרד החינוך

Afeka College hosted a seminar for 100 new coordinators from the Ministry of Education’s scientific technological reserves program

In August 2023, Afeka College hosted a seminar for over 100 AMAT-Tech coordinators. The AMAT (“Technology and Science Excellence Student Reserve”) program at the Ministry of Education’s department of excellence in technological education aims to increase the number of graduates of quality technology and science high school programs, and provides scholastic support in scientific subjects throughout Israel over a six-year period (grades 7-12).

Building on the findings of the national committee to increase human capital in high tech, the program was expanded to feature the AMAT-Tech track, for further increasing the number of high school students in high tech-adapted matriculation programs. In the new program’s first year, the focus was on reducing socioeconomic gaps in general, and on Israel’s social periphery and the Arab-Bedouin sector in particular. The seminar at Afeka was designed for the new coordinators recruited for this purpose.

As part of the seminar, the new AMAT-Tech coordinators listened to a talk by Afeka College president, Prof. Ami Moyal. Prof. Moyal reviewed the effects of accelerated technologization on the job market, and a further discussion took place on the potential effects – especially of AI technology – on teaching and learning processes. Prof. Moyal concluded by stressing the importance of collaboration between educational systems and academia: “A holistic national view throughout the entire STEM education continuum will allow us to maintain the relevance of educational processes and to reduce societal gaps, thus contributing to Israel’s socioeconomic resilience.”

Afeka College is proud and delighted that the education system considers it a home for broadening horizons. This visit by AMAT-Tech coordinators was part of the college’s social relations activities, through which tens of thousands of visitors from institutions across the national educational continuum – from kindergarten to industry – have been exposed to the Afeka Framework, and especially to the importance of a nationally-coordinated STEM education continuum.

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