Afka's master’s degree Program in Engineering and Management is a highly innovative and specialized program that caters to two distinct populations: engineers seeking managerial development and managers aiming to effectively oversee engineering teams. The program has been thoughtfully designed to equip participants with a comprehensive set of engineering and management tools, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into the management of complex systems and organizations.

By combining advanced engineering skills with a broad business understanding, our graduates gain a unique advantage. They possess the necessary expertise to make informed decisions, lead innovation processes, and effectively manage intricate technological operations. Recognizing the diverse work environments, management challenges, and specific needs within various industries, our curriculum is tailored to provide adaptable engineering and management tools.

Unlike traditional business administration programs that primarily focus on soft managerial skills, our program fills the gap by providing essential engineering tools required to manage engineering systems in diverse organizations. Many engineering and management graduates find themselves seeking business administration education but are left dissatisfied due to the lack of engineering-specific knowledge imparted by such programs.

Moreover, with the exponential growth in the volume and complexity of data (Big Data) being collected and generated, there is an urgent need for managers who possess the skills to leverage this data for optimization, forecasting, and statistical analysis. Our program equips participants with the necessary engineering tools to harness this data effectively, addressing modern challenges and driving data-driven decision-making.

Considering the pressing demand for specialized management training tailored to the needs of engineers, we are proud to introduce the master’s degree Program in Engineering and Management. This program offers internships and immersive experiences specifically designed to meet the management requirements of engineers in diverse industries.