• Mobile systems software (smartphones, smart watches, tablets) – A specialization that teaches students the skills for developing the software used in mobile systems, with an emphasis on user experience, human engineering, and interfacing with other systems
  • Software and information technology – A specialization that provides practical tools for developing information systems, artificial intelligence systems, machine learning, and more
  • Information security and cybersecurity – A specialization that exposes students to computer architecture, communication networks, cyber attacks, and the defenses against them
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning – A specialization that teaches the challenges of collecting and processing big data, and innovative machine learning and deep learning methods with applications in multiple fields

    Additionally, in order to provide students with the crucial scientific foundation for their future in software engineering, the program incorporates studies in mathematics and physics, allowing students to go on to further studies in this field.

    At the same time, some of the school’s alumni have even created startups and independent companies that have won success and recognition in the industry.