What makes this program unique

The undergraduate program in mechanical engineering at Afeka College is marked by a special emphasis on quality engineering education that is contemporary and highly professional. The studies provide hands-on experience, and encourage the development of personal capabilities. Thus, some of the degree courses include study tours, and many of the classes boast creative and innovative teaching methods.

The Afeka College curriculum

The undergraduate program in mechanical engineering at Afeka College equips students with comprehensive knowledge and a broad array of tools necessary for the work of a mechanical engineer. The program offers a choice of five specialization tracks: mechatronics-robotics, flow and energy, solid mechanics, automotive, and materials.

During the program, as part of the core subjects, students plan an engineering product from concept, through material selection and mechanical design, to integration and building a production spec. This process mirrors the professional and managerial process of designing a product in the industry, giving students hands-on experience towards entering the job market.

Mechanical engineering program faculty

The faculty at Afeka’s mechanical engineering program includes lecturers with extensive industry experience and varied research backgrounds. This combination between the practical and the academic leads to quality teaching and provides students with a rich, comprehensive learning experience. In addition, Afeka is noted for its pleasant, supportive school atmosphere, with study in small classrooms and a personal rapport with one’s lecturers throughout the degree.