• Business analytics – A specialization that teaches the tools for the intelligent and efficient use of big data, and for working in areas of optimization, data mining, prediction, and statistical analysis for decision-making and process improvement.
  • Information systems – Information systems are key parts of any organization, company, or business. Working with them includes information storage, processing, security, and transfer. This specialization teaches the practical tools for developing and properly managing information infrastructures and systems, as per their integral role within the organization.
  • Operations management – This specialization focuses on operations and production, and combines managing, monitoring, and evaluating employees with managing resources, production processes, logistics, inventory, and more. The specialization teaches tools for operations management by analyzing real-life scenarios and organizational goals.


Information systems specialization

A word about information systems

Information systems are an integral part of the business activity of any factory, organization, or company. Information technology (IT) concerns the use of hardware, software, and computer networking resources in managing information, including the storage, processing, security, and transfer of information. IT departments manage the company’s organizational information systems, handling their definition, development, operation, and maintenance. These systems are designed to support all organizational activities and goals. Industrial engineers who specialize in information systems take part in planning, defining, and building information systems according to the specific business and marketing goals of the organization or client.  

Operations management specialization

A word about operations management

Operations management concerns the entirety of activities and decision-making processes that go towards securing an organization’s business goals, be it a factory that produces tangible products or a company that provides services. The work of operations management combines managing, monitoring, and evaluating employees with managing resources, production processes, logistics, and the inventory needed for making the product or providing the service. 

Business analytics specialization

A word about business analytics

Business analytics is a fast-growing discipline that has recently become integral to the activities of organizations and companies worldwide. Data-based analytics serves businesses in forming insights and making business decisions, granting them a competitive edge and the ability to identify new opportunities. Business analytics is designed to supply data and indicate relevant trends and patterns which will enable the organization to make intelligent, effective decisions. 


Machine learning for cybersecurity specialization  

Nowadays, computer networks and personal computers are exposed to numerous threats, such as cyber attacks and unlawful use by third parties. Machine learning methods are a way to build flexible tools and rules for handling anomalies – scenarios or events that don’t fit a known pattern – even if they are new. This course provides a comprehensive theoretical background on machine learning, as well as practical experience in applying algorithms to typical examples from cybersecurity.

Networked information

The idea of a network as a tool that links small pieces of information into a larger picture is well-adapted for use in multiple exact science and social science applications. This course focuses on networked information structures and dynamics, which can be modeled by analyzing examples and applications from various fields: biological networks, social networks, networks in humanities, marketing, the spread of epidemics, and more. The course makes use of software tools to simulate the models studied, as well as visualization tools to present the information.