A joint program by Mr. Eliezer Manor and Afeka’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The program is designed to empower participants by instilling tools, skills, and conceptual patterns from the worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Expanding one’s toolbox while incorporating the ability to implement innovation will give participants significant added value as future engineers.

Program participants experience the process of idea germination, i.e., identifying a real need or challenge and developing the concept for a technological solution. In addition to lectures that provide knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship, participants receive personal guidance from Mr. Eliezer Manor, the program’s founder and a seasoned businessman in Israeli high tech and venture capital. Mr. Manor is additionally involved in social projects, including the nonprofit that he founded, Schools Online. The program is open to students receiving financial aid scholarships only. Full participation in the Manor program qualifies for an aid scholarship from the college and Mr. Manor (through the Neshama fund).

The program consists of 10 weekly two-hour meetings.