The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Afeka Academic College of Engineering in Tel Aviv embodies the college’s vision of engineers as change leaders who develop solutions to multiple human challenges and problems. We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are a critical way of life for engineers, enabling them to realize their purpose – be it as independent entrepreneurs, as employees who become intrapreneurs, or in micro-entrepreneurship alongside other activities.

The various activities at the center are intended to provide the tools, concepts, skills, and values of innovation and entrepreneurship in an experiential, hands-on manner. The center’s work model and activities were designed to enable anyone who pursues innovation and entrepreneurship – students, faculty, alumni, or people from outside Afeka – to find their place and subject of interest.

Throughout its existence, the center has initiated a broad range of meetups, hackathons, workshops, entrepreneurship programs, and other activities, and has developed a thriving, active community whose members help and enrich one another. All of our activities provide added value to their participants, with a focus on hands-on application and a unique atmosphere that makes for unusually fascinating and effective learning.

The center maintains close relationships with companies, organizations, hospitals, and investment bodies, and activity participants receive guidance from senior, highly-experienced mentors.

We invite you to visit the center, to learn about ongoing activities, and to join our growing and dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship community.