Afeka College affords a great deal of importance and invests resources in the final projects that each student must submit as part of his or her studies, as a condition for obtaining a degree. The projects constitutes an excellent opportunity for the students to acquire experience and develop independent working capability and team work capability, as part of the curriculum, through accompaniment by a professional mentor, the knowledge and means proffered by the Afeka College’s supporting academic environment.

In order to carry out the projects, the students are required to make use of all the knowledge and tools that they acquired during the course of their studies, and apply such practically. The project simulates the work of the engineer and the development process of a new product, within a business organization, within the framework of which the students acquire tools and skills that assist them later on when contending for various positions of employment in the real world and, under certain circumstances, even afford them an advantage over others who have not undergone such practical experience.

More than 20% of the projects submitted by the Afeka students are sourced in Industry, which seeks solutions for various developments, with some even being practically implemented in industry. The Afeka College pool contains a broad selection of projects from various sources, a respectable part of which are multidisciplinary and the implementation thereof requires cobbling work teams together, in conjunction with cooperation with students from the various other academic departments.

The final project, which is inaugurated during the sixth semester of studies (the second semester of the third year studies), continues on for 3 semesters and, together with the grades sheet, serves the students as a “calling card” when approaching potential employers in the industry