About the Research Authority

Afeka College affords a great deal of thought to nurturing the research culture as an infrastructure for innovation and openness in thinking. Within this framework, the Research Authority acts as a dedicated body dealing in promoting the research activities at the College and encouraging staff members and students to take part in research topics that are on the leading edge of science and technology.

The Research Authority consists of the Head of the Research Authority and the Director of the Research Authority.

The activities of the Research Authority contribute a great deal to intensifying the contact with the leading entities in academia and in industry, and in positioning the college as a leading institute in its field. Over the past few years, research studies in a broad range of fields have been conducted at Afeka College, some of which have been published in professional and international journals.

As part of the activities, the Research Authority provides support for researchers from a range of administrative and financial aspects, including:

Gathering information regarding research foundations and potential sources of financing, and disseminating information amongst staff members.

Instructing the researchers regarding the procedures of the research funds.

Holding meetings with representatives acting on behalf of various financing bodies.

Assistance in submitting research proposals to financing bodies, including handling the matters required during the course of the association period (contractual association, financial statements, scientific statements, etc.)

In order to provide the researchers with an innovative and supporting work environment, Afeka College invests a great deal of resources in purchasing tools and equipment and building up appropriate infrastructure that facilitate fruitful cooperation between the researchers from the various disciplines.

To sign up and for additional information,

contact the Afeka College Research Authority Staff on email: