Dr. Yinon Yavor

Dr. Yinon Yavor

Dr. Yinon Yavor serves as the Head of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Afeka College, Tel Aviv, Israel. He is the founder and Head of the Afeka Center for Energetic Materials (ACEM), where scientific studies are conducted in various fields including Combustion, Propulsion, and Carbon-Free Hydrogen Production. Dr. Yavor received his B.Sc (summa cum laude) from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion, Israel, in 2006. He completed his PhD studies in 2012 at the Technion in the fields of Propulsion and Combustion of Solid Propellants. During 2011-2015, Dr. Yavor served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at McGill University (Canada), where his main research focus was aimed at carbon-free hydrogen generation for heat and power applications. Since 2015, Dr. Yavor has been conducting and supervising studies both at the Technion and at Afeka in numerous fields such as Metal Combustion, Hydrogen Generation and Solid Propellants. Dr. Yavor has been a faculty member of Afeka College of Engineering since 2017.

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