Dr. Vladislav Roitberg

Dr. Vladislav Roitberg

Academic Background

B.Sc. in Physics
Technion, Haifa


M.Sc. in Physics
Bar-Ilan University,
Title of Thesis: I-V characteristics of BSCCO tapes exposed to perpendicular AC magnetic fields
Supervisor: Prof. Yosef Yeshurun


Ph.D. in Physics
Bar-Ilan University,
Title of Thesis: Chaos in kicked Hamiltonian systems
Supervisor: Prof. Itzhack Dana

Professional Background

Research and Development leader in Bonzai Israel Green-Energy Startup Company, which develops novel thermoelectric (TE) devices. The research contains computer modeling, development, testing and patenting of the TE cooling and TE power generating devices. During the research I also coordinated between the engineers in different fields to complete the productions as fast as possible.  I presented our production in Moscow at several thermoelectric companies. 

Physics - Mechanics

Physics Electricity & Magnetism


Physics1 For Eng. And Management

Physics2 For Eng. And Management

Waves Theory For Medical Engineering

1. A. Friedman, G. Lukovsky, V. Roitberg, Y. Wolfus, F. Kopansky, B. Kalisky and Y. Yeshurun, 2006. Time dependent electric field and E-I curves in Bi-2223 tapes carrying DC currents and exposed to perpendicular AC magnetic fields. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 43, 572–575.

2. A. Friedman, Y. Wolfus, F. Kopansky, I. Soshnikov, V. Roitberg, S. Asulay, B. Kalisky, and Y. Yeshurun, 2005. I-V Curves of BSCCO Tape Carrying DC Current Exposed to Perpendicular and Parallel AC Fields. IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 15, No. 2.

3. I. Dana and V. Roitberg, 2007. Quantum resonances and ratchets in free-falling frames, Physical Review E 76, 015201_R_ 2007.