Dr. Nir Schreiber holds a PhD in Mathematics from Bar Ilan University. His former educational background includes MS together with BA in Physics from Technion—Israel Institute of Technology.  Dr. Schreiber teaches in Afeka from 2023. Jointly, he is a postdoctoral associate in Bar Ilan University. Dr. Schreiber’s research focuses on fundamental problems in Statistical Physics. He is also interested in Network Theory and applications to various complex systems

Differential And Integral Calculus2

Linear Algebra

Ordinary Differential Equations

Excellence in research (2023); 8, 000 NIS

Israel Science Foundation (ISF) (2023); 19, 222 NIS

Israel Science Foundation (ISF) (2021); 60, 000 NIS

Israel National Cyber Directorate (2019); 119, 000 NIS

Bar Ilan University Data Science Institute (DSI) (2018); 36, 000 NIS

Israel Science Foundation (ISF) (2016); 38, 558 NIS

 Articles in Refereed Journals

Schreiber, N., Cohen, R. & Haber, S. (2023). Ensemble dependence of the critical behavior of a system with long-range interaction and quenched randomness. Physical Review E, 108(2)

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