Prof. Anat Ratnovsky

Prof. Anat Ratnovsky

Academic Background

A Ph. D. from Tel Aviv University in Bio-Medical Engineering, on the topic of Bio-Mechanics of Respiratory Muscles. A Post Doctorate in the field of Cell Mechanics from Harvard University, USA and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion.

Research: Bio-mechanics of the skeletal muscles, the processing of physiological signals. The research papers have been published in international scientific journals and presented conferences held abroad.

Professional Background

Chief Researcher at the Pulmonary Diseases Institute, the Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Campus. A Product Engineer at the Motorola Israel Company, and 16 [sic 18?] years lecturing in Engineering at Tel Aviv University and at Afeka College.

Peer Reviewed Papers

1. Ratnovsky A, Elad D, Zaretsky U, Shiner RJ. “Assessment of global function of respiratory muscles”. Physiological Measurements, 20: 37-51, 1999.

2. Ratnovsky A, Zaretsky U, Shiner RJ, Elad D. “Integrated approach for in vivo evaluation of respirator muscles mechanics”. Journal of Biomechanics, 36: 1771-1784, 2003.

3. Ratnovsky A, Elad D. “Anatomical Model of the Human Trunk for Analysis of Respiratory Muscles Mechanics”. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 148(3): 245-262, 2005.

4. Ratnovsky A, Kramer RM, Elad D. “Breathing Power of Respiratory Muscles in Single-Lung Transplanted Emphysematic Patients”. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 148(3): 263-273, 2005.

5. Ratnovsky A, Elad D, Izbicki G, Kramer RM. “Mechanics of Respiratory Muscles in Single-Lung Transplant Recipients”. Respiration, 73: 642-650, 2006

6. Perlovitch R., Gefen A., Elad D., Ratnovsky A., Kramer MR., Halpern P. “Inspiratory Muscles Experience Fatigue Faster than the Calf Muscles during Treadmill Exercise”. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 156(1): 61-8, 2007.

7. Ratnovsky A, An SS, Mellema M, Shore SA, Fredberg JJ. “Airway smooth muscle proliferation and mechanics: Effects of AMP kinase agonist”. Mol Cell Biomech. 4(3): 143-157, 2007.

8. Ratnovsky A, Elad D, Halpern P. “Mechanics of respiratory muscles”. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology, 163: 82-89, 2008.

9. Nadiv Y., Vachbroit R., Gefen A., Elad D., Zaretsky U., Moran D., Halpern P., Ratnovsky A. “Evaluation of Fatigue of Respiratory and Lower Limb Muscles during Prolonged Aerobic Exercise”. Accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

10. Ratnovsky, A., Carmeli, Y. N., Elad, D., Zaretsky, U., Dollberg, S., & Mandel, D. (2013). “Analysis of facial and inspiratory muscles performance during breastfeeding”. Technology and Health Care.21: 511–520.



11. Ratnovsky A, Halpern P, Elad D. “Biomechanics of the Respiratory Muscles”. In Biomedical Engineering and Design Handbook. Edited by Myer Kutz. McGraw Hill, NY, 2009.


Publications in Writing

12. Eyal T., Kramer RM., Gavish B., Naftali S., Belchman Z., Ratnovsky A. “The impact of changing breathing pattern using the RESPeRATE on respiratory muscles performance”, in writing.

13. Wald SL., Mahl N., Kramer MR., Ratnovsky A. and Naftali S. “Mechanical properties of different types of airway stents”, in writing.

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