Yaki Neumann was selected for the 2022-2023 Afeka Alumni Award

Yaki Neumann, CEO of Doral Energy, was selected for the 2022-2023 Afeka Alumni Award

Yaki (Ya’akov) Neumann, an alumnus of Afeka’s undergraduate program in electrical engineering, class of 2004-2005, was selected for this year’s Alumni Award, to be presented at the upcoming degree ceremony. This is the fifth year that Afeka college presents the Alumni Award to alumni who have made a meaningful, nationally impactful contribution to science, technological progress, society, or the country, and had an outstanding effect on their field in Israel and worldwide.

The award is presented to Yaki Neumann in recognition of his work as an innovative and visionary technological leader in renewable energy, and for his contribution to sustainability and world economy – leading his company to worldwide success while presenting a vision and an innovative perspective, building engines of growth, and investing in projects within novel technological fields.

Yaki Neumann:

“The professional tools I acquired during my engineering studies at Afeka, including the basics of engineering and creative entrepreneurial thinking, served me as the foundation for handling complex challenges, such as planning and managing the building of Israel’s first industrial solar system; the continuous integration of innovations; business development and entrepreneurship; global expansion; and more.

The need for electrical engineers who can dynamically adapt themselves to the frequent changes in the energy market, as part of the accelerating global trend towards renewable energy, is continuously growing. It requires future engineers to think creatively, deliver solutions to new challenges, and as we at Doral Energy have consistently done over the years – to pursue entrepreneurship that combines innovation and technology, to lead and blaze new paths.”

From the award committee’s statement:

“Yaki Neumann is an engineer and CEO of an industry-leading company with great significance for global sustainability and economy. Under his leadership, the company reached worldwide success, while presenting a vision, an innovative perspective, and decisions that underpinned the building of growth engines and investment in projects within innovative technological fields. This award is presented in deep recognition of a leader who steers his company through a world of complex challenges to international success, making it a key player in renewable energy.”

Afeka College values and cherishes its alumni, seeing them as ambassadors of excellence, creativity, ambition, and the drive to create change.

Yaki Neumann, who receives this year’s award, together with those among his friends who have received and shall receive it in years to come, encourages Afeka and inspires it to continue as a leading academic institution of engineer education, for the good of the industry and of Israeli society at large.

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