The Israeli company Mobileye was sold this week/two weeks ago/this month to Intel in a huge $15.3 billion deal. Mobileye is an Israeli technology company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced driver assistance systems based on image processing technologies. Prof. Erel Avineri, Head of the Master Degree in Engineering & Management, Infrastructure Systems at Afeka College, and an expert in car-to-car communication, noted that: “Israel has become a superpower in developments in the vehicle world, even though there is no car manufacturer in Israel. Intel’s main business activity is selling processors, and if Intel microchips will be included autonomous cars, and especially if they become a standard in car systems, then there will definitely be a huge sales potential”. Regarding the autonomous car, Prof. Avineri maintains that its development will be based on more than one technology, since a car must have very good real-time connectivity in order to be autonomous. However, more than one technology is used for autonomous cars, and the technologies used by Mobileye are complementary but not exclusive technologies.