The alumni community’s Mentor Program

Congratulations to graduates of the second session

מפגש סיום בוגרים

Congratulations to the alumni who’ve participated in the second session of the Mentor Program, and completed an empowering six-month mentorship!

The Mentor Program – consisting of Afeka alumni who are seasoned engineers serving at the senior management levels of high tech and engineering firms, alongside junior engineers at the start of their professional careers – allows for a unique connection that would not be possible otherwise. The program is designed to boost the mentees’ skills and capabilities, providing personal development, inspiration, and professional added value through a unique mentoring process. The program is structured so as to provide value and a meaningful experience to mentors and mentees alike. In addition to the mentorship itself, mentors benefitted from the personal guidance and advice of professional specialists, in addition to enriching peer dialogue with their fellow mentors.

At the second session’s graduation ceremony, the mentor-mentee pairs met for a grand recap of the process, moderated by Alumni Relations director Dganit Citrin Bar-On and Dr. Amir Kfir, an organizational consultant and management change leader who works regularly in over 40 countries. Participants shared moving stories about the significant processes they’d undergone during the program. Junior alumni told about finding new work, with some researching fields they hadn’t known before, and others opening doors they never thought possible. The mentors described how much they’d benefitted from the connection with the mentees – which challenged them, taught them about themselves, and gave them a sense of accomplishment, often leading them on a process of their own. Many of the mentor-mentee pairs said they intended to keep the mutual connection going in the future.

“This process improves personal abilities, develops skills, and inspires new ambitions and professional perspectives. It creates a space for intelligent, constructive change and development, through a dynamic in which each party invests in the other and reaps major rewards. Working together has been a unique developmental experience that brought us closer to the professional goals we set at the beginning of the process,” said the second session alumni.

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