The world’s first technology hackathon promoting Israeli hasbara (public diplomacy) was led and hosted by Afeka College on Nov. 17-16, 2023.

For 26 straight hours, over 250 participants worked together in 35 multidisciplinary teams made up of engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs, project managers and PR professionals, from both local and international high-tech companies. All with the common goal of creating innovative technology solutions to the public diplomacy challenges Israel faces daily.

The participating teams will continue working developing their outcomes as part of a technology incubator, under the guidance of Afeka and Microsoft.

The Top Solutions

Placing first in the Hasbara-thon was a tool that allows users to set a target audience for a social post and then using artificial intelligence adjusts the messaging for maximizing effectivity.

Placing second was an app enabling users to instantly report antisemitic content posted on social media to the poster’s employer.

Third place was awarded two projects:

  • A simple interactive questionnaire after which the user discovers which kidnapped hostage is most like them – in order to humanize their stories and raise awareness.
  • A multi-age gaming app for improving hasbara to overseas Jewish communities –  in order to strengthen their understanding of the current situation and their connection to Israel.