Five Year Donation Exposes 10,000 School Children
to the Beauty of Engineering and Science

Making science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields more accessible and appealing to young students is crucial for building their confidence in these fields. Recognizing this, the Sagol Network generously donated NIS 1 million to Afeka College to support its "Experience in Engineering" and "Robot Comes to Class" programs over five years.

These transformative programs aim to expose thousands junior high and high schools students from across Israel to the wonders of STEM through hands-on workshops and interactions with Afeka's engineering students. From experiencing wind and wave flow simulations to building apps and operating robots, youngsters get a taste of the exciting possibilities that STEM education unlocks.

The donation funded over 100 "engineering experience" visits, where classes got to tour Afeka's vibrant campus and labs, and enabled student instructors to visit 120 classrooms with robots, allowing youth to get up close with cutting-edge technology. In total, Afeka reached over 10,000 students through these initiatives, with a particular focus on those from Israel's geographic and social peripheries.

Beyond providing an enriching experience, the programs aimed to build students' confidence in their ability to succeed in STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue scientific and technological tracks in high school and higher education. The student instructors themselves benefited tremendously, receiving full tuition scholarships while developing leadership, communication, and community engagement skills.

Afeka College holds deep gratitude for the Sagol Network's visionary support, which advances STEM education, societal inclusion, and accessibility to quality education across Israel. This collaboration exemplifies how strategic partnerships between academic institutions and philanthropists can shape the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.