Pushing the boundaries of engineering

רכב בפעילות חוויה בהנדסה
סטודנטים בפעילות חוויה בהנדסה

Afeka College believes that engineering can change lives – and change the world

As a leading institution for educating engineers, Afeka College strives to promote engineering among children and teens – and to do so using students as part of social and community activities

To this end, Afeka College hosts visits throughout the year by hundreds of youths in grades 5 to 9, who come to experience a variety of engineering[טעות במקור: ההדסה] workshops at the college’s labs, as part of the social involvement unit at Afeka’s Ofek – Skill Development Centers.

The workshops are led by Afeka students under the banner of the Engineering Experience activity.

The workshops have become well-known at schools throughout Israel, who ask to join the Afeka visitors list.

The desire to make the engineering experience accessible to as many Israeli students as possible has given rise to the idea of a mobile Engineering Experience project that can reach all parts of the country, and specifically its social and geographic periphery.

The idea recently came to life with Afeka’s first Engineering Experience mobile unit going on the road. The mobile unit, packed with the finest workshop equipment and Afeka students, brought the children of Hatzor HaGlilit and Kiryat Gat workshops that combine fun and learning, filling genuine need, sparking the children’s curiosity, and showing them where engineering studies can take them in life – to solving the world’s problems and developing lifechanging products and technologies.

The workshops featured Arduino, 3D, communications, and materials, along with teambuilding engineering activities, such as flying remote controlled planes in Hatzor HaGlilit and helping Kiryat Gat’s schoolchildren to prepare engineering projects for the national Kongolo competition – held among 54 centers that provide a yearlong academic course for 5th graders.

Shortly after the mobile unit’s visit to Kiryat Gat, the schoolchildren won first place at the competition for the project they’d worked on with the Afeka students – an architectural model of a bicycle that generates electricity for the townspeople.

“The competition featured 14 students from Kiryat Gat,” says the team at the local school. “The project was done in collaboration with Intel Kiryat Gat and Afeka College, who provided valuable help in building the bicycle model and other items using a 3D pen. We thank the Afeka students and all other contributors for their help, guidance, and instruction: you’re a big part of this victory.”

In coming months, the project is set to visit Ofakim, Yeruham, and Beit She’an, and to continue giving schoolchildren a taste of the engineering experience while eliminating social and geographic boundaries.

“As someone who grew up in Kiryat Gat, going off-campus and into Israel’s periphery with this project was and is a dream come true for the instructors, Ofek, and myself,” says Dafna Wenger, director of the social involvement unit at Ofek – Skill Development Centers. “It’s thrilling to see that we can reach and enrich teenagers’ lives across the country, as is our mission. This is also an opportunity to thank the instructors: David Gangur, Yuval Shtefel, Gil Teitel, and Gal Hanan; the marketing department for branding the car; and the finance and purchasing departments for their logistical support.”



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