Influencing tomorrow’s engineers in specialization encounters

Each year, Afeka’s second-year students choose their specialization track. In preparation, they are exposed to the different specializations through multiple venues, including encounters with Afeka alumni. This year, 18 alumni joined five panels to meet 200 students currently at the specialization selection stage. Afeka places great value on connectivity between alumni and the students who will soon join them on the same industry teams. Thanks to the alumni’s extensive experience, these encounters allow for a broader and more accurate perspective on the students’ choice of specialization.

The students’ enthusiastic response to the alumni encounters reflects the importance and relevance that they place on alumni’s experience, on the effect their choice of specialization will have on their career path.

A big Thank You to the alumni who led the encounters!

Click their names to visit their LinkedIn profiles:

Medical engineering

Noa Shprach

Yahel Oren

Yafit Brener Haim

Ido Muller

Sara Levy

Industrial engineering and management

Elinor Dadon

Danny Kosoi

Dan Sadovsky

Electrical engineering

Aviv Aviad

Albert Avdalimov

Gal Benita

Roee Meshulam, SolarEdge technologies

Mechanical engineering

Aviran Hayman

Hen Horesh [הקישור לא פועל]

Elad Lifshin

Software engineering

Tomer Daniel

Dean Hadas