At the next “Coffee at Five” meeting, that will be held on Monday March 24, 2014, Dr. Gonen Singer will present solutions for the identification of hidden patterns in service organizations to empower the contact with the customer and to increase the value of the service system. Dr. Gonen Singer is the head of the Industrial Engineering Dept. at Afeka College, and a founding partner of the C-B4 Company, that deals in the field of identifying behavior patterns in organizations.

Many studies over the past few years indicate that many service companies make minimum use of the big data at their disposal and are not aware of the immense potential inherent in the analysis of data at a low granular level to improve service, the understanding of situations that are not particularly clear, such as customer churn and reinforcing the connection with the customer. For purposes of conducting an analysis of the data, these companies require a forecasting capability, automatic modeling and identifying learned patterns of clear laws at the individual customer level. This is a unique combination that does not exist in BI tools and other statistics.

The existing solutions that model the behavior patterns of summated data and the increasing shortage of analysts to analyze individual objects, lead to a gap created in solutions for forecasting and the automatic execution of analysis at the individual entity level, necessary in organizations and service systems.

As part of the lecture, the solutions to identifying hidden patterns in service organizations that embody the potential to intensify the contact with the customer on the one hand, and the business opportunity to increase the value of the service apparatus on the other hand.

These solutions can respond to questions, such as: How will a discount on gasoline in the winter affect the sale of candy at a particular gas station? When and why to expect an overload of the cellular network in a particular area? All this with an objective to improve the service provided to the customer.