Empowerment through engineering

מהנדסים ללא גבולות בפתח תקווה
מהנדסים ללא גבולות בפתח תקווה

The Afeka chapter of Engineers Without Borders in a project to build a community center in Petah Tivka

In summer 2023, 17 students from Afeka’s various schools and programs took part in a joint project with the Ossim Shkhuna (“making a neighborhood”) NGO to build a community center in Petah Tikva.

The students, members of the Afeka chapter of Engineers Without Borders, chose to take part in this project, which is aimed at realizing a vision and creating a direct interface between teens who need guidance and communication and the Ossim Shkhuna instructors. The construction included a solid deck floor where children and teens can sit comfortably, marked-out footpaths with plants, a lounging area made entirely of repurposed equipment such as tires, nets, and concrete, and more.

As a leading institution for educating engineers, Afeka believes that engineering has the power to change lives, and a key part of the college’s vision is to provide access and expose teens from Israel’s social and geographic periphery to engineering and technology. Indeed, students who took part in the activity recount moving, meaningful conversations with the neighborhood children, who’ve expressed an interest in the various engineering disciplines and in future employment possibilities.

Afeka College is proud of its students, who choose to contribute their time and knowledge to making society a better, more advanced, and more accessible place for all.

The club members’ activity in Israel and abroad inspires and brings honor to Afeka.

Gal Hana, mechanical engineering alumnus and president of the Afeka chapter of Engineers Without Borders:

“The students at Engineers Without Borders Afeka believe that meaningful community development calls for a mix of expertise, guidance, and shared effort. We believe it is our duty to create meaningful impact even outside the classroom. This time, as with every activity, we made sure to pre-plan down to the smallest detail: from defining our goals to the construction itself. I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation both for our veteran members and for the new members who’ve joined this project. It is a testament to new engineers who take responsibility for the welfare of our community, and to the spirit of unity and empowerment that defines the Afeka chapter.”

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