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The “Project Management in the Age of AI” workshop for Afeka alumni has completed its second round

In September 2023, the second round of the Project Management in the Age of AI workshop was completed. The program was held in collaboration with the graduate program in engineering and management, led by program director Dr. Adi Fux and  Gili Shalit.

In addition to providing in-depth academic and practical experience, this activity is an opportunity for Afeka alumni to develop their professional skills and proficiencies as industry engineers working in project management, while also being exposed to Afeka’s graduate program.

The workshop focused on project management, a key discipline the in the high tech, technology, and engineering sectors, and included the examination of AI tools as possible aides to the project manager.

In addition to the theoretical aspects, the workshop included experience-based exercises:

  • A two-session workshop for brewing homemade beer, simulating the management of a project, taught by Rotem Bigens.
  • A play-based learning session for developing an in-depth understanding of key project management terms and challenges, in a fun, innovative, and unique way, together with the PMZone company.

Mechanical engineering alumna Moran Aharon summed up the workshop on behalf of the participants: “You knew how to combine everyday examples (like dealing with a stubborn QA) in the study materials, and offered another way to approach projects, as well as to combine AI in project management – you’ve opened a door to a powerful tool.”

Alumni Relations director Dganit Citrin Bar-On: “As the academic home for Afeka alumni even after they graduate, we work all year to promote activities for career-long professional development, including our series of workshops, which are adapted to the busy schedules and workhours of our alumni.”

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