An outstanding Israeli achievement:

Afeka College ranks 5th in international academic institution index

The annual WURI (World Universities with Real Impact) index has ranked Afeka College 5th in the category of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. The rating was awarded based on Afeka’s hybrid learning initiative, which allows all students from its 52 classrooms and labs to study synchronously – thanks to investment in innovative classroom and lecturing technologies, as well as portable lab kits distributed to the students.

The prestigious WURI index evaluates approximately 300 institutions of higher education from about 60 countries in 6 categories: Industrial Application, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Ethical Value, Student Mobility and Openness, Crisis Management, and Progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Among the institutions ranked were Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford University.

This is the second consecutive year that Afeka has ranked top-10 in the Crisis Management category, placing 9th in 2021 and making top-5 this year by climbing to 5th place.

This year a new category was added – Industry 4.0 – covering progress during the fourth industrial revolution through digital technology, AI, big data, cloud services, blockchain, and more. Afeka was ranked 26th in this category (with Oxford ranking 49th), due among other things to its dedicating a specialized lab for Industry 4.0, with state-of-the-art technologies such as robotic arms. Afeka additionally offers a course in 3D printing, a field recognized as a crucial future skill.

"As an institution for educating engineers, we must adapt to a dynamic reality and crises, and indeed have done," says Prof. Ami Moyal, president of Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering. "We’ve adapted and equipped all classrooms and labs at Afeka for collaborative hybrid learning, with some of the students in class and others away, in order to maintain continuous learning without disrupting our engineering students’ educational process.