A few words regarding the sphere of computers in Electrical Engineering

The sphere of computers currently constitutes a major tier in Electrical Engineering studies. Besides personal computers, which serve as a standard work tool on any desktop, various types of computers are integrated into every electronic device offered in the modern age, as dedicated systems and circuits in hardware gadgets (FRGA and CPLD), designed as embedded processors and controllers that run code on various operating systems, such as VxWorks, RTOS, Linux and as specific silicon based systems (ASIC). The range of modern electrical and electronic industries, including: Communications, control, power supply systems, signal processing, compression, encryption, etc., are, in one way or another, materialized and implemented by a computer in one of the above stated configurations.

Advantages in Majoring in the Afeka College Computers Track

The Afeka College majoring track is aimed at enabling students to specialize in the track as part of Bachelor degree studies in Electrical Engineering, in order to nurture their capabilities of contending with the fields of hardware and software and to design multi-disciplinary systems. The program provides the students with engineering tools and practical experience in research and development in the fields of computers, by means of a range of courses and laboratories that combine theoretical knowledge in the subject of hardware and software, in conjunction with practical experience in leading technologies in industry, such as: Advanced technological design using VHDL, advanced systems programming, innovative controllers and DSP processors, embedded real time systems on ARM processors, as well as high speed system design.

The Future of Computer Major Graduates

Majoring in the Computers track trains the graduates to take up intriguing positions in the field of hardware, software and any field requiring comprehensive multi-disciplinary knowledge combining hardware and software together. As a field that constitutes from all sectors of electricity, completing studies in the Afeka College Computers major positions the graduates of the Department in an excellent starting position and enables them to join any company dealing in Electrical Engineering or in Software Engineering anywhere in Israel or anywhere in the world.