An exclusive specialization at Afeka, which trains students to work in fields related to material structure and properties, and in developing new materials and innovative manufacturing technologies.


 An exclusive, focused specialization in automotive and self-driving vehicle systems. It includes in-depth study of knowledge related to specialized automotive systems, such as their design and maintenance, along with essential knowledge on related subjects of legislation, environmental protection, and economy.


 A specialization combining software and electronics studies, which trains its alumni for multidisciplinary work with complex systems and dealing with advanced technological challenges.

Flow and energy

A specialization providing extensive knowledge and broad understanding in flow and energy. Alumni of this specialization are given the tools to perform engineering development and consulting roles at energy companies.

Solid mechanics

 A specialization that examines changes within solid bodies from the aspects of dynamics, material strength, deformation, fracture, elasticity, fatigue, and vibrations due to the powers acting on them.