A few words on Communications specialization

Specializing in communications includes both the physical layer and electronic communications. The physical layer of communications concerns the practical aspects of modern communications, such as mobile phones, short-range communications systems (RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi), and long-range systems (optic fiber communications, microwave linesand satellite communications).

Additionally, electronic communication also concerns data transfer among discrete components, such as a cellphone and a telecommunications system, as well as the design, management, performance evaluation, and optimization of large communications networks. Data and telecommunications networks have made drastic leaps over the past decades, and nowadays our daily lives all include the use of communications networks – from browsing the Internet, through mobile phones, to the wireless systems that serve as an integral part of modern life. The world of communications, in its various aspects, is one of the leading growth engines of global high tech, with electronic communications – and particularly wireless/digital communications – becoming one of the pillars of electrical engineering.