In this era, with the proliferation of available databases collected by various companies and organizations, our ability to process this data into insights that can affect nearly every aspect of our lives has become integral to numerous parts of the economy. From hi-tech and healthcare to business, marketing, and countless other spheres, the demand for experts in big data analysis and complex inference has continuously increased, and has become a national mission.

Afeka’s data science program provides students with comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of this field, with a focus on mathematics, statistics, programming, and algorithmics.

What sets Afeka’s undergraduate program in data science apart is the learning experience at the College of Engineering, and the opportunity for teamwork with engineering and computer science students – one’s future colleagues – during one’s academic studies.

Due its multidisciplinary nature, the undergraduate program in data science includes lecturers from numerous fields, including software, industry and management, mathematics, and statistics. Our faculty is involved in contemporary research, with some of them coming from the industry and including contemporary practical aspects in their teaching. Yet, in the best tradition of Afeka, our lecturers go beyond their professional and academic backgrounds to emphasize personal connection with students – including advice, direction, and assistance that enrich the academic atmosphere and promote curiosity.