A word from head of the program, Dr. David Faitelson

Computer science is the name given to the set of mathematical tools used to study computation and algorithmics. An algorithm is a series of simple mechanical operations whose use solves a computational problem. Computers are capable of performing simple mechanical operations at great speed, and thus when algorithms are translated into computer commands, the result is a machine that can solve multiple problems rapidly and efficiently. An in-depth understanding of algorithmic principles is required not only for developing new algorithms, but also for choosing and adapting existing algorithms to the needs of specific systems. At the heart of any software system is a set of algorithms, and the ability to choose and adapt these algorithms to match the system's needs is vital to its success.

Computer science students at Afeka College learn the repertoire of classical algorithms, and acquire tools for analyzing and evaluating algorithms' efficiency; adapting existing algorithms to new needs; and when needed, developing new algorithms.

In addition to uncompromising professional knowledge, the students receive practical tools for their future success within the industry. Much of the academic program is spent alongside students from the various engineering programs, thus allowing for multidisciplinary learning and work, as is common in the industry itself. Moreover, the undergraduate program in computer science equips students with a professional and interpersonal skillset that prepares them for the day after graduation.

The program is taught by a highly skilled, professional faculty that strives for each and every student's success, doing its utmost to provide an academic, professional, and personal support system that accompanies the student throughout the entire program and beyond.

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