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Afeka College –

Engineers for a New Era

The Afeka Academic College of Engineering in Tel Aviv ranks among Israel’s leading academic institutions of engineering and science, and is accredited by the Council for Higher Education.

The college was founded in 1996, and has since graduated over 8,000 bachelor’s and master’s engineering and science alumni. Afeka alumni have taken on key industry roles in the Israeli and global fields of high tech, research and development, defense, electronics, software, medicine, machinery, and management, and have gone on to advanced master’s and doctoral studies at academic institutions in Israel and abroad.

Afeka currently has about 340 senior faculty members and lecturers, and about 3,500 students from all over Israel. Afeka offers seven undergraduate programs and five graduate programs, both thesis and non-thesis. The college maintains extensive research and development activities, utilizing – among other things – a state-of-the-art lab building with advanced equipment, and an active research authority. Afeka researchers receive research grants, and take part in collaborations with industrial and academic institutions in Israel and worldwide.

Studies at Afeka are based on a unique model of engineer education. The college applies a holistic view of students’ education process throughout their schoolyears and activities – learning in classrooms, labs, and the many extracurriculars offered at Afeka. In educating each and every student, we have made it our goal to develop and nurture not only their knowledge, but also their critical job market skills and ethical worldviews. Afeka considers innovative pedagogy a key part of its model, and promotes multiple kinds of teaching and learning while incorporating advanced technologies to support the acquisition of necessary skills – such as teamwork and effective presentation in English. At Afeka, you will receive a relevant, fascinating, and enjoyable academic experience based on innovative pedagogy and specially adapted learning spaces.

Our alumni graduate with the knowledge, proficiencies, and values required to function optimally in society and succeed in the job market. The college’s extensive network of connections with leading organizations, companies, and institutions in the high tech industry and Israeli economy allows students to experience the post-college world during their studies, develop connections, and gain initial job experience that will serve them as an advantage later on.

Afeka advocates a broad educational perspective that addresses the connection between all links of the educational continuum – from kindergarten to academia. Throughout their studies, our students get to take part in a fruitful collaboration between the education system, academia, and industry, to introduce future generations to the beauty of engineering, and to make their mark on the community.

Our alumni are the ones who will drive Israel’s growth and be part of local, national, and international processes. The skills that we teach at Afeka, such as critical thinking, multidisciplinary teamwork, effective communication, and self-learning, will enable them to solve problems, develop products and tools that influence society and humanity as a whole, and be true agents of change.

Because engineering and science can be learned anywhere – but it’s Afeka that makes the real difference. 

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