Our partners  - Unlocking Futures in STEM

Our Partners' Impact  

Philanthropy enables Afeka to create massive community change. By aligning with partners who share our vision of advancing STEM education and inclusion, we ensure no student gets left behind.

Generous donations have funded equipment and scholarships with tremendous impact. This support helps expose youth to technology and science's wonder while making a real difference.

We deeply appreciate our loyal partners, including the Yahel Foundation and Nina Wiener. Their significant scholarship contributions empower students guiding our Experiencing Engineering program. As one participant explained:

“I lead a workshop in the ‘Experiencing Engineering’ program –because I believe in the importance of contributing to society with all your heart and soul.​

When a large group of kids arrives to Afeka, it is impossible to influence all of them,  but I often recognize myself in at least one of those kids – someone struggling with learning, or with low confidence in their ability to succeed, this is still one of the most active participants in the workshops. I love being a part of the ‘Experiencing Engineering’ program because of these kids. I have the opportunity to reach out to them just before they miss an opportunity."

Thank you to partners like Yahel Foundation and Nina Wiener for making these inspirational moments possible. By backing Afeka's mission, you ignite potential in students, the community, and Israel's future.

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