Afeka STEM Program Hits the Road

Recently, Afeka students brought hands-on engineering workshops of our “Experiencing Engineering” program, directly to a school in Kiryat Gat. After this on-site guidance, the school won first place in the national KonGoloo competition!

"KonGoloo is the pinnacle annual event," the grateful school team explained. "Fourteen of our students entered a model sustainable electricity-generating bike. Afeka College provided invaluable 3D printing assistance prototyping the bike parts. Thank you for the support - you share greatly in this triumph!"

This marks another Experiencing Engineering milestone beyond campus borders. Previously, per a special request from the Ashdod municipality for "Academic Week," Afeka brought workshops to two Ashdod schools - Mekif Ashdod and Mekif Amitech Ashdod.

Adam Ran, a mechanical engineering student, packed the robots Effi and Ephraim and traveled south. At both schools, Adam demonstrated the robots' abilities - singing, dancing, facial recognition, conversing, and more. Around 250 7th-8th grade students enjoyed the special visit and were impressed.

This real-world impact demonstrates Experiencing Engineering's immense value. By fostering hands-on engineering discovery, Afeka is shaping Israel's next generation of innovative minds.

We're proud to ignite potential and forge inclusive STEM opportunities across Israel. Experiencing Engineering shows our students' tremendous ability to advance education and equality nationwide.