Afeka Honorary Fellows

Afeka College believes that engineering is a passion: to explore, to discover, to think differently, and to enable future engineers to lead change for all of society.

As part of this philosophy, Afeka instituted a new tradition in 2015 marking 20 years of engineering: The Afeka Honorary Fellowship, granted to prominent leaders in their field who have made significant contributions to science, technological progress, the country, or society, and who empower and inspire the college and our students.

Honorary fellows are elected annually by the Afeka Honorary Titles Committee, chaired by the college president. The honor is granted each year at Afeka’s graduation ceremony.

Afeka’s Honorary Fellows include


  • Mr. Shimon Peres (OBM), ninth president of Israel

In recognition of his longstanding contribution to our country and society, and his leadership in applying science and technology to the benefit of the State of Israel.


  • Prof. Ruth Arnon, former President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and laureate of the Israel Prize in medicine

In recognition of her accomplishments in the field of science and for her role as a leader and visionary in the application of science for the benefit of society.

  • Dr. Kira Radinsky, computer scientist and high-tech entrepreneur

In recognition of her achievement as a leading and inspiring entrepreneur employing advanced technologies for the benefit of society.


  • Mr. Uri Levine, serial entrepreneur and a founder of Waze

In recognition of his being a leading entrepreneur whose achievements have led to significant change and have affected the lives of many.


  • Unit 8200

In recognition of its contribution to the training of exceptional human capital, and to the growth and positioning of the State of Israel as the start-up nation.


Prof. Yossi Matias, Vice President of Engineering at Google, Search & AI and Founding Managing Director of Google’s Israeli R&D Center

In recognition of his contribution as a leading entrepreneur with a global vision and level of execution that promote multidisciplinary technological innovation and industry-academia relations.


  • Prof. Ran Balicer, Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute, Chief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services, , and chair of the National Expert Advisory Team on Covid-19 response

In recognition of his contribution to controlling the coronavirus pandemic in Israel.


  • Mr. Dadi Perlmutter, social and technological entrepreneur, Chair of the government’s Committee on Human Capital in high-tech

In recognition of his work as a pioneer in the Israeli high-tech industry, for inspiring the younger generation, and for his contribution to developing skilled human capital.

  • CPA Sami Saadi, founder and co-CEO of the Tsofen nonprofit

In recognition of his work toward significantly increasing the number of Arab engineers in high tech, and his contribution to building a high-tech industry within Arab society.

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