Inclusion and Commitment to the Community

Strong community, strong nation

As a leading public academic institution in science and engineering, Afeka sees itself as an engine for socio-economic-national growth and an integral part of the society in which it operates. Afeka is committed to making scientific fields accessible to the community and society in Israel, especially the geographic-social periphery. Afeka also sees it as an obligation and responsibility to nurture socially conscious students who understand the close relationship between the engineering profession and the community.

At Afeka we believe engineers have a social responsibility and the power to drive positive change in the world through innovative solutions to real problems. We instill this mindset in our students from day one and emphasize the close relationship between the engineering profession and the communities it serves. Our graduates understand that creating value for society should be at the heart of every engineering project.

Afeka’s Impact

Afeka actively works to eliminate barriers to access for tech education. We partner with schools to foster early interest in engineering among students. Additionally, we host conferences and maintain close ties with the public sector—government, municipality, and private entrepreneurs—to achieve our goals. We also offer several need-based scholarships to ensure financial difficulties never preclude a promising student from studying at Afeka. Our commitment to community was also shown during the Iron Swords War. We came together to provide meaningful support through contributions that play a vital role in strengthening Israel's resilience and recovery.

Whether it is using the power of science and technology to aid different parts of the community, volunteering in at-risk communities, or using engineering to boost sustainability, our students tackle real-world problems with real impact. We are constantly seeking out ways for our talented cohort to apply their skills to benefit and society across Israel. We empower voices that have been left out of the tech boom to become the innovators of the future. At Afeka, we believe every perspective is essential to create solutions that truly serve society’s needs.


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