About Afeka

The Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering was established in 1996 and was among the first  academic colleges   granting degrees in engineering to be accredited by the Israel Council for Higher education. Afeka is located in Tel Aviv, the hub of the Israeli High-tech industry. The central location of the college makes it accessible to students from all over the country, and the high level of studies ensures that Afeka graduates are equipped to successfully compete in the job market.
To date, 3000 students have graduated from Afeka with degrees in the various fields of engineering. According to an annual survey performed by the college, over 85% of Afeka graduates are employed in their field of studies.
Afeka offers the 2,300 students currently enrolled and potential applicants B.Sc. programs in: Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Software Engineering - Computer Science; Industrial Engineering and management and Medical Engineering. Recently, Afeka has also opened an M.Sc. Program in Systems Engineering and Energy Engineering.
The Afeka Academic College of Engineering employs over 200 quality lecturers with both academic and practical experience. Faculty members include instructors with joint appointments in Israel's leading universities; academic professionals from various fields of research; and professional engineers from the industry.
Executive Faculty Members
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Danny Rothschild - Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Mr. Herzl Shalem  - Chairman of the Executive Committee
Prof. Mordechai (Moti) Sokolov – President of the College and Chairman of the Academic Council
Mr. Alon Barnea - Vice President for Development, CEO Afeka Yissumim Ltd.
CPA Miri Oren – CEO of the College
Prof. Gideon Langholz – Head Graduate School, Head Research Authority